Cooking functions:
Oven light – It is operated utilizing the oven functions.

Bottom element with fan – The heat of the bottom element is spread through the fan. Ideal for souffles.

Traditional cooking (Upper and bottom element) – The heat is given by the bottom and the upper oven elements. Ideal for pastry cooking and traditional recipes.

Fan cooking (upper and bottom elements with fan) – The heat given by the bottom and upper oven elements is spread through the fan.

Grill – It is used to cook “au gratin”. Ideal for cooking “thin” meat.

Double grill – The grill along with the upper element allows grilling on wider areas.

Double grill with fan – Ideal for grilling meat and for cooking fish.

Multifunction (circular element and fan) – The fan moves the hot air inside the oven, allowing homogeneous cooking on 3 levels, without spreading any smell.

Defrosting with fan – The fan is operated without any element. It assures rapid defrosting in few minutes and in the best possible way.

A Class – Perfect efficiency and optimization of energy consumption are the key features of the whole range of 60cm ovens presented in the A Class, a guarantee in terms of product quality. The accurate insulation of the oven cavity and the use of special thermo-reflecting glasses insure both low energy consumption and shorter cooking times.

Tangential-flow cooling fan – A fan placed tangentially between the muffle and the oven sides is automatically activated when the oven is ignited, generating an airflow that comes out of the frontal grids and creates a barrier to the heat, by cooling the door handle and the control panel at the same time. Furthermore, a device provided with thermostat, makes the fan work even after the oven has been turned-off until it is completely cool.

“Full glass” door glass – It facilitates the cleaning of the internal side of the oven door by being completely smooth and easy to remove.

  • 60cm stainless steel
  • Class A
  • Multifunction 9 functions –
    Oven light
    Bottom element with fan
    Traditional cooking (Upper & bottom element)
    Fan cooking (upper and bottom elements with fan)
    Double grill
    Double grill with fan
    Multifunction (circular element and fan)
    Defrosting with fan
  • Tangential cooling fan
  • Start/End of cooking electronic programmer
  • Double glass door
  • Thermo-reflecting and removable internal ‘full glass”